Specialists in aged care

O’Shea Management has been providing management and consultancy to the aged care industry for over 20 years.

Each management contract is individually tailored to meet the requirements of the client and may involve a selection of the services we provide.


Our mission

RJ O’Shea Management has the ability to assist approved providers in addressing the many and complex financial issues of the industry. Residents are entitled to a high standard of quality care and accommodation however this can only be achieved in a financially sound environment.

Our team

Our dedicated team is committed to the aged care industry

Robert O’Shea
Robert O’Shea
Is the founder of the O’Shea Management Group.  Robert has over 40 years’ experience in the Aged Care field.
Philip Savides
Philip Savides
Daniel O’Halloran
Daniel O’Halloran
Manfred Kersch
Manfred Kersch


The O’Shea Management Group has been active in the Aged Care Industry since 1984. 


Mark Kennedy

My Grandfather, William Kennedy, was Robert O’Shea’s first client in 1979.  The family currently owns two retirement villages which are managed by the O’Shea Group.  This has been a long and very rewarding association

Nora Bodkin

Our founder Marie Patapanian asked Robert O’Shea to find her a Nursing Home for the Armenian Rest Home Association in 1989.  Alexander Aged Care is the result.  We have always benefited from the good advice of the O’Shea Management Group

Walter Boscoscuro

Robert O’Shea and his team have been involved with Marco Polo since our commencement in Aged Care in 1987.  It has been a very successful business relationship


Care for older people

Live-in care is an increasingly popular alternative to residential care, as it enables you to remain at home. It works because it is completely tailored around your needs and expectations.